Open-Source video bitrate analyzer

Ever wanted/needed to analyze the bitrate of a video file? Here is an Open-Source solution, that just requires a little bit of simple command line knowledge to get going.


The Open-Source video bitrate analyzer is based on ffprobe and gnuplot, and some nifty scripts created by clever people. I initially found these tips via a discussions thread over at CreativeCow, and here is how to do it with OS X 10.9 Mavericks.

1. Install Xcode Command-line Tools via Terminal

  • sudo xcode-select –install

2. Install X11 –

3. Install MacPorts –

4. Install the following via MacPorts…

Make sure MacPorts is up-to-date

  • sudo port selfupdate


  • sudo port install python33
  • sudo port select –set python python33

Matplotlib Python 3 Library

  • sudo port install py33-matplotlib

Perl 5 and JSON/perl conversion module

  • sudo port install perl5
  • sudo port install p5-json

ffmpeg – to get ffprobe

  • sudo port install ffmpeg

5. Download a copy of plotframes and (faster)

6. Make your plotframes/ executable and go!


  • ./plotframes -i /path/to/video.mp4 [-t svg -o video.svg
  • ./ /path/to/video.mp4

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