We have never been closer to a standard

I my previous post “Please end the codec war”, I touched upon some of the challenges and annoyances of the messy “codec war” going on between the different camera- and software vendors.

Some things have changes since then, a lot of it is still sadly the same. I was tempted to call this post the “AVC-I war”.

Panasonic and Sony are still at it, claiming one format is better than the other. Fact is though, they have never been closer to the same standard and format.

Both codec families, AVC-Ultra (Panasonic) and XAVC (Sony), are actually so similar it all becomes rather silly. Adobe Media Encoder even does “Smart Rendering” (re-wrapping) when converting from AVC-Intra 100 to XAVC Intra 100, when the frame size and frame rate is the same.

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Open-Source video bitrate analyzer

Ever wanted/needed to analyze the bitrate of a video file? Here is an Open-Source solution, that just requires a little bit of simple command line knowledge to get going.


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Need to find the optimal H.264 video bitrate?

I think a lot of people wonder how to find the optimal video bitrate for efficient encoding of H.264 video. There is no universal answer to this, because it all depends on the content of the video material. Luckily, the video encoding genius Robert Reinhardt has created a simple little Adobe AIR app called Bitrate Starter.


This handy little tool will get you started, but remember that you still have to do your own testing to find the optimal settings for the best possible quality/file size ratio. Video compression, especially for web, is all about testing. 

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Real problem solving

This is one of my absolute favorite quotes about problem solving - so, so true!

Expanded knowledge in fields that closely border your profession enables you to take advantage of a larger base to apply to problems you’ve never encountered before.

—Michael Cioni, Lightiron Digital

I highly recommend watching the presentation Michael Cioni did about “prepping for a 4K world”, where I learned about this quote. Great presentation!

And while we’re at it, remember…

Stay hungry, stay foolish.

Rainy day at workTaken at NRK

Rainy day at work

Taken at NRK
Hello from New York! :DTaken at Top of The Rock Observation Deck

Hello from New York! :D

Taken at Top of The Rock Observation Deck

Please end the codec war

There is a war going on in the broadcast camera industry. I would like to call it the “codec war”. This battle has in turn forced the post-production industry to create their own post-production friendly codecs. Because of this war, or whatever you would like to call it, we are now more than ever dealing with unnessecary interoperability issues, workarounds and a whole lot of transcoding.

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Certified in #FCPX

Certified in #FCPX

Best breakfast ever! Smoked salmon, a delicious tasty omelette freshly cooked while you wait. Visit this hotel if you can. Amazing :)Taken at Rica Nidelven Hotel

Best breakfast ever! Smoked salmon, a delicious tasty omelette freshly cooked while you wait. Visit this hotel if you can. Amazing :)

Taken at Rica Nidelven Hotel
Perfect day for skiing!Taken at Kitzbuhel Ski Area

Perfect day for skiing!

Taken at Kitzbuhel Ski Area
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